£1m UK- Based Amazon Sellers reach 2,795

A recent analysis by our partner Thrasio revealed that there are close to 2,795 UK-Based Amazon sellers at the moment, turning over an average of £ 83,334 per month. This turnover translates to around £1m Amazon sellers per year!

To achieve such figures, some categories have been instrumental. They include:

  • Grocery- Averagely has 667 sellers
  • Beauty- Has around 533 sellers
  • Home and Kitchen- Has around 370 sellers
  • Pet supplies- Averagely has 279 sellers
  • Electronics and photo- Has an average of 256 sellers
  • PC and video games- Has 1 seller
  • Jewellery-Has 1 seller
  • Watches-Has 2 sellers
  • Shoes and bags- Has 3 sellers
  • Lighting-Has 3 sellers

In addition to that, the analysis data also reveals the best means through which Amazon sellers can create online offerings that can thrive with time. In the analysis,20 million Amazon sellers exclusively deal with gifts and chocolate boxes, 31 offer dog biscuits and snacks, and 18 focus on selling face serums.

Amazon is a great platform that sellers can use to grow their businesses. It offers various helpful routes that sellers could decide to use if it proves to be viable and applicable to them. For instance, they can take advantage of the FBA network to scale their logistics and serve all the demands. 

Often, most sellers look to exit after establishing their brands through companies like Thrasio. This is because Thrasio can help with supply chain efficiencies, apply optimization, and improve marketing tactics to help them grow their brands. Apart from that, Thrasio has also created dozens of multimillionaire Amazon sellers by acquiring sellers who turnover more than a million every year. In the last six weeks alone, 3 UK-based retail millionaires have been created through Thrasio acquisitions.

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