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  • Sellers on 20+ marketplaces and eCommerce platforms
  • Company Revenue Range
  • Method of Fulfilment
  • Product Category
  • Have your own list? Get your data enriched

2. Receive an audit of your market size
and a data sample

3. Get your custom list done!

  • Contact person
  • Direct email
  • Office email
  • Mobile Phone number
  • LinkedIn URL
  • Seller website
  • Seller Metrics
  • Seller Revenue
  • Shipment Method

If you’re in the market for an eCommerce list or Amazon Sellers: look no further! The Seller Directories team has been very responsive and the data is always extremely accurate


they used our services

“SellerDirectories overdelivered on the data, and sent us insights to improve our outreach process and turn the data into business opportunities. We'll continue to use them as we grow.”

NATHAN Hirsch Founder @ eCom Balance

“Seller Directories is a great source of accurate Amazon sellers leads. We experienced a great customer service and outstanding eCommerce brand targeting.”

ERIC SUDDARTH General Manager @ Seller Rocket

“If you’re in the market for an eCommerce list or Amazon Sellers: look no further! The Seller Directories team has been very responsive and the data is always extremely accurate”

TOM WICKYFounder @ My FBA Prep

“We use them for email and physical mail outreach. Deliverability has been great, and we are very happy with the results. Overall a great company to work with”

Higher quality eCommerce data

Our data eCommerce contact solution is
the most complete to power
your CRM and sales effort.

Great Customer Service

We deliver enrich data reports within 5
business days, and keep you updated
at every stage of the process.

Data Sources

Aggregated from 30+ softwares and sources

Only from their own software

Data Collection

Human Researched and verified


Email types

Direct emails (

Generic (

Data Accuracy

98%+ accurate and up-to-date

Can’t track their data accuracy

Phone Number

Direct Mobile Phone

Scrapped /Office Phone

eCommerce seller revenue Estimation

Yes (on Amazon and DTC websites)


Targeting Options

Multiple filters available (including revenue, location, business model, product category)

None (or very basic at best)

Datapoints available


Less than 10

Customer Service

Lifetime support and accuracy guarantees on your list. Our lists include ressource on how best run outreach campaigns to turn a prospect list into actual business opportunities.

Minimum support is provided. No guidance on how to use the data.

A Global service

Brands and Sellers on

Brands and Sellers on

+20 more online marketplaces
+20 more online marketplaces

We research, curate and
validate data From dozens of sources

Used For

Used For

  • Market Research and Sales Outreach
  • Network building
  • ABM campaigns
  • Lookalike Audience building

The only source for direct seller contact
information and advanced eCommerce list filtering

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Frequent Questions

Still not sure? Find answers to your questions here
What is the data quality of Seller Directories’ Custom list data?

Our aim is to provide our customers with the highest-quality eCommerce data. Power your CRM and sales efforts with actionable information and enjoy top-tier customer service.

Our data is aggregated from 30+ sources and softwares and researched and verified manually, never scrapped. Thanks to a strict process, our data is guaranteed up-to-date and over 98% accurate. offers dynamic lists. Our team of experts refreshes and monitors our contact information on a constant basis, while our eCommerce and Marketplace metrics are refreshed every month.

When will I get my Seller Directories custom list Data?

Our B2B custom list building service is designed to give you access to top leads and prospects without keeping you waiting for months for your contact list.

With, it takes just 5 business days to receive your custom list with personalized options, so you can start emailing companies and bringing your marketing campaign to life as quickly as possible.

In what format will I receive my Seller Directories custom list Data?

The goal of our lists is to make it easier for you to find suitable prospects, not to complicate things by providing you with a directory that you need special software to read and use.

That’s why our B2B contact lists are simple Excel Sheets (XLS), delivered straight to your inbox, no confusing types of files, special tools, plugins, or software necessary! And yet, every field we include in our listings goes beyond the default indexes and description types that you may find elsewhere. The simple, text-based Excel file helps users find the column they are looking for without any code or script understanding or complicated search fields and icons.