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we are convinced the most valuable data service provide transparency
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“We use data and got an amazing response rate on our outreach campaign. Add People acquired sever long-term partners from their list.”

- Michael Godsiff - Add People Agency

“If you’re in the market for an eCommerce list or Amazon Sellers: look no further! The team has been very responsive and the data is always extremely accurate”

- Tom Wicky from My FBA Prep

“We use them for email and physical mail outreach. Deliverability has been great, and we are very happy with the results. Overall a great company to work with”

- Brendon Fields from Rebaid

Get to know us

How do you collect the data?
All contact information is manually researched. Our team aggregates and verifies the data from more than 50 trusted online sources. We only provide contact information we can verify!
Amazon store metrics and categories are automatically crawled directly from Amazon.
What data do you provide? And how can you segment the data?
Our data allows you to filter the vast jungle of Amazon and eCommerce sellers by using more than 30 filters. You can then access up to 4 decision-maker contact touchpoints per seller:
  • Direct Email (
  • Generic Email (
  • Phone number
  • Linkedin URL
  • Please visit this page to access the list of all data points and their definition.
How often is the data refreshed?
Amazon and eCommerce metrics are crawled on a monthly basis.
Decision maker contacts are manually researched and verified on a quarterly basis.
Before each order, data files goes through a number of quality check before being sent. This allows you to have access only to accurate and fresh data and not worry about receiving outdated data.
I already have a lead list, and I don’t want to purchase a list that contains some of my existing contacts. Can SellerDirectories exclude them?
Yes, we allow you to exclude from your reports any list you already have. Contact us and send us your exclusion list - we will make sure to exclude the leads from our report.
I just made a purchase, how long should I wait to receive my list?
Once you have made the purchase, It will take a maximum of 48 hours to receive an email with a download link. A dedicated account manager will get in touch with you as soon as your purchase is made.
Is there any guarantee on the lists?
Yes, we provide a lifetime guarantee on all our lists, ensuring that they meet our standards of deliverability, and accuracy and match with the filter you gave us.
If you see any discrepancies between what you received and what you expected, please contact us by email and we will see how we can make this right for you.
What are your minimum and maximum packages?
Our minimum plan is 1,000 leads. It's the minimum amount we found has helped our clients segment and prioritize leads while having room to test out campaigns and get meaningful statistical results.
As a maximum, our database contains 500,000+ contacts. Contact us if you are looking for plans larger than the ones listed on our website.
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