2021 Amazon Small Business Empowerment Report Key Takeaways

By Elliot Brindel

 Amazon just released their 2021 edition of Small Business Empowerment Report.

According to the 2021 Amazon Small Business Empowerment Report, more than 200,000 new sellers started selling in their stores in the U.S, which is a 45% increase from last year.

Amazon added courses to its Seller University, which has helped over 9 million sellers. The new Explore Program, which provides AI-based recommendations and education about Amazon tools and services, helped sellers with over 10 million suggestions in 2020.

Through the Fulfillment by Amazon program, Amazon helps small businesses spend 30% less on shipping. In 2020, Amazon spent tens of millions on the new FBA selection program, seeing more than 70,000 U.S sellers onboard. On average, sellers on the FBA program make 20% to 25% more sales.

In the same year, the launch of Seller Messaging Assistant saved sellers about $245 million in handling costs by automatically resolving 49 million customer issues.

More than 440,000 brands are enrolled in Amazon's Brand registry and can access its free services and tools to manage and protect their brand and intellectual property. Additionally, 300,000+ sellers use stores. It's a branded storefront where brands can tell their stories, and customers can learn about their company and discover their products.

A summary of sales performance between September 1, 2020 -  August 31, 2021.

  • There are over 500,000 active sellers.
  • US sellers sold more than 3.8 billion products and averaged over $200,000 in sales, up from $170,000 the previous year.
  • More than 65,000 sellers attained over $100,000 in sales, 10% more than last year.
  • More than 27,000 sellers attained over $500,000 in sales, 10% more than last year.
  • U.S sellers exported more than $2.2 billion in sales value, an increase from last year's $1.5 billion.
  • The number of sellers who made more than $1 million in sales increased by nearly 15%.
  • Nearly 4,000 sellers surpassed the $1 million in sales for the first time.
  • The number of sellers that surpassed $10 million in sales went up by almost 40%.


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