5 Tools I Use To Contact and Outreach eCommerce Sellers

By Elliot Brindel

Outreach is a key to business success that opens unprecedented possibilities for growth, scaling, and profits for any business. For me, outreach involves contacting and connecting with potential business partners. It is not as easy as it sounds. It involves using several tools like social media, review sites, outreach software, and email while also requiring appropriate messaging and correct timing. Here is a list of the five tools I use to contact and outreach eCommerce sellers.


Lemlist is an outreach software that helps agencies, SaaS companies, SEOs, and sales teams enhance their outreach efforts by personalizing cold emails and automating follow-ups. With Lemlist, you can add a unique and personal touch to every cold email and send them fast. Personalization is done by adding custom recipient variables, such as company name, recipient address, first name, and company name. Additionally, the tool can incorporate customized images to generic cold emails that are part of an email campaign. 

The tool can help you streamline your lead generation efforts by engaging leads across multiple channels and automate your follow-ups effectively. Other pros of using Lemlist include

  • Boost open rates of your bulk cold email campaigns by using lemwarm, a custom tracking domain, which is not automatically linked as spam
  • Increase reply rates through 1-1 prospect communication

SellerDirectories data cleaning tool 

Seller Directories is your go-to site to have all your physical and email outreach efforts sorted. We provide clients with exhaustive lists of relevant leads whenever you need them. The leads come in the form of easy-to-handle excel sheets that contain all relevant information on your relevant leads. 

The data can be segmented and customized to your needs, depending on several data points and different eCommerce sellers. We always deliver accurate data that is researched by our lead eCommerce researchers and use several verification tools to validate the emails we provide you. To enhance the efficacy, we regularly test and update our directories. Our leads also come with a 100% guarantee, and we always over-deliver leads by 20% to compensate for any unfortunate mistargets and faulty or bouncy emails.

We recently came up with a free tool to clean generic company email lists from unwanted mentions. These unwanted mentions include the boring Ⓡ, ™, ltd, which make your cold email campaigns immediately flagged as spam. The cleaning process is pretty easy, and you only need to follow the following steps.

  • Open and Copy the Clean Company Name Google SpreadSheet
  • Go to sheet 1.
  • Paste your company list on column A.
  • Select "Clean Data."
  • Allow the script to "Continue."
  • Give it a few minutes. Your clean file will be ready to copy and paste.


Phantombuster is a LinkedIn data extraction and automation tool that takes over your lead generation activities, leaving you with some extra time on your hands. Phantombuster is highly customizable, and it allows you to collect data from a variety of sources, such as contact lists, export search results, user profiles, and events. 

It uses this data to scrape and automate many activities, including sending automatic connection requests and personalized messages with your request. On a regular Linkedin account, the tool can send upto 80 invitations daily and 150 invitations on a Sales Navigator account or LinkedIn Premium. 

It also integrates seamlessly and easily with Google Sheets and allows you to keep track of the leads who respond to your automated connection requests. Additionally, the tool enables you to track workflows and automatically engage with prospects by sending customized follow-up LinkedIn messages and engaging with their posts.


NeverBounce is an email verification platform that helps email marketers realize their dream of getting into every prospect's inbox. It is a real-time service that helps to clean and verify bulk emails and email lists. 

NeverBounce has a unique Sync Functionality feature that automatically cleans your email lists when you connect your email provider or CRM. It also ensures your email data is valid by cleaning your data almost daily. The real-time process removes duplicate, harmful, or lousy syntax emails and checks domains for current live status. 

This tool is a perfect choice for businesses of all sizes looking for increased verification accuracy for their lead generation emails, CRMs and CMSs, Registration Forms, and Newsletter Signups. They offer a fast turnabout of about 10,000 email verifications in three minutes and an affordable pricing strategy that allows lower prices for more verifications. 


As you start increasing your pipeline, a calendar tool will save you a lot of time wasted while setting up meetings back and forth. Calendly is a digital calendar that is meant to relieve the headache and hassle of scheduling emails. It helps 93% of sales teams to achieve significantly faster turnabout times thanks to the automatic scheduling of all your teams' important meetings. 

To get started, you must create a Calendly account and allow appropriate google permission to set up a personalized URL and select your corresponding time zone. Then you can start including a Calendly link in your emails to make it simpler for prospects to engage with you. 

The engagement is in real-time, which allows your sales team to gain faster conversions. You can also sync all your other calendars to avoid any overlapping and give you a desirable user experience. Besides, you can increase the deliverability of your emails by informing leads when and where you will be available. 


All these tools are essential to growing your network and, ultimately, your net worth. Using the tools will open up a wealth of possibilities to grow your online business and get it to new heights. You can utilize them to find leads, connect and communicate effectively with the leads, automate engagement and workflows, verify your emails, and schedule meetings with ease. If you are ready to outreach, visit our directory plans: https://sellerdirectories.com/pages/seller-directories to select a directory that fits your current and future business needs.