A Service Provider Guide To Amazon International Marketplaces

By Elliot Brindel

Have you ever wondered about the marketplaces under Amazon? It is most likely that many sellers only concentrate on the US market, but the truth is that there are over 18 market places, so in the subsequent product development, have a broader coverage of your products as described in this article. Amazon has segmented its marketplaces into regions, with each constituting various countries and their marketplaces. This article will look at the regions and the countries that compose them.

Amazon North America

In North America, the Amazon marketplace comprises the United States (amazon.com), Canada (amazon.ca), and Mexico (amazon. mx). With the Amazon Unified account, you can sell to the three marketplaces. Using the unified account, Amazon gives you a chance to share listings and management of inventory in all three marketplaces.

Amazon Europe

Before January 1st, 2021, this region was part of the European program that enabled sellers to list their products on all EU marketplaces while storing their inventory in one country. Many Amazon marketplace users opted for the UK, but with Brexit, the Amazon UK marketplace split from the European Union. This resulted in the UK becoming part of Amazon Europe, meaning other countries in the region can still fulfil their requests from a single country. The European Amazon marketplace includes Amazon.de Information for Germany, Amazon, it Information for Italy, Amazon.es Informationfor Spain, Amazon.nl Information for nethelands,Amazon.fr Informationfor France, Amazon.se Information for Swedish, Amazon.pl Information for Poland, Amazon.tr Information for turkey,Amazon.co.uk Information for the UK.

Amazon Middle East

Before Amazon could settle on having a marketplace in the Middle East, sellers relied on Souq.com as their preferred marketplace. In 2017, Amazon went ahead and acquired Souq and established the first marketplace in the Arab Emirates, then Saudi Arabia, and later in Egypt. The marketplace in the middle east comprises Amazon. Ae Information for the United Arab Emirates, Amazon. Sa Information for Amazon's Saudi Arabian marketplace and Amazon.eg Information for Amazon Egypt

Other Amazon Marketplaces

Amazon.jp Information for Japan, Amazon.com.au Information for Australia, Amazon. In Information for India, Amazon.sg Information for Singapore and Amazon.br Information for Brazil. For more details, browse our directories to learn more : https://sellerdirectories.com/pages/seller-directories.