California, Florida, Texas had more new Amazon sellers in the past one year.

By Elliot Brindel

In the past 12 months, the USA has had over 75,000 new sellers coming to Amazon. Over half of these were from three states i.e. California, Florida, and Texas. There is no evidence of a rapid increase in the number of new sellers during the pandemic – the rate at which they joined was pretty much the same.

The percentage of the new sellers from the different states were as follows; California: 17.5%, Florida: 12.1%, Texas: 8.2%, New York: 7.7%, and New Jersey: 4.4%. The remaining 50.4% of the 75,000 sellers were from the rest of the states in the USA.

When we compare the number of new sellers by city, the order of the cities with the most sellers is as follows; Miami, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Houston, New York, Las Vegas, Orlando, San Diego, Chicago, and Dallas. One of the main reasons why Miami tops this list is because it is where South Florida FBA - Amazon Seller is located. South Florida FBA - Amazon Seller is the largest regular community of with over 42,000 members. 

When it comes to all the US-based Amazon sellers, Florida had a major increase in the share of new sellers on Amazon. It had about 8.2% of the new sellers registered before October 2019. Since then, the number has now increased to 12.1% - equivalent to 300 basis points. The increase for other states like Texas, Georgia, and California was equivalent to 50 basis points. 

When we consider the addresses of the businesses, about 190,000 new sellers joined the USA Amazon marketplace. Of these, 75,000 were US-based. All the states in the USA had at least 1000 new sellers, and 30 of the states had more than 10,000 new sellers joining Amazon in the last 12 months.

The increase in the number of new sellers in a couple of states was mainly due to the closure of some of the Amazon local stores due to the pandemic. So, the only option sellers had was to sell more online than the physical stores. Most of the new 75,000 new sellers are not known brands and also do not sell offline.