Stats and Insights on Shopify Sellers

By Elliot Brindel

When Tobias Lütke and Scott Lake sought eCommerce platforms they could use to sell some deluxe snowboards, they didn't know they were onto something quite revolutionary. Well, they  didn't find suitable eCommerce platforms and they built their own.

Today, Shopify is in the top three of the most popular e-commerce platforms on the globe and boasts over a million stores on it's platform.

In this post, we take a look at Shopify's store statistics, specifically:

  • Product Category
  • Web Traffic
  • Web Sales

Shopify Statistics In Terms of Product Category

Here, we look at how well each product category performs in terms of sales on Shopify. These are the top five product categories:



The others are:

  1. Health and Fitness: 4.37%
  2. General Merchandise: 3.25%
  3. Entertainment and Recreation: 2.92%
  4. Consumer Electronics & Appliances: 2.28%
  5. Children & Infants: 2.16%

Then there are numerous other product categories but with tiny fractions of the sales market. However, when these other product categories are lumped up, their share of Shopify sales is an impressive 33.4%.

Let's now turn our gaze to web traffic.

Shopify Statistics In Terms of Web Traffic

Here, we're referring to the number of unique online visitors who visited a store on the Shopify platform. This is how it stacks up.


There are a multiple of ways to interpret this data, but here are some insights:

1. The majority of Shopify stores are drop-shippers. Drop-shippers don't stock products. Instead, they deliver straight from supplier to client when ordered.

2.Many Shopify stores are seasonal. Hence, when they don't attract traffic during their off-season days.

3.The majority of Shopify stores sell extremely niche products and they've probably reached their maximum point.

4.The spectacle of copycats and imitations, which could mean sales and traffic is restricted to a small close-knit group.

Let's now look at sales statistics.

Shopify Statistics In Terms of Web Sales

Here we mean actual annual dollar revenues.


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