Take Away from Jungle Scout State of Walmart Sellers

By Elliot Brindel

Walmart Marketplace is one of the most competitive marketplaces with huge profits, improved brand awareness, and more sales. Your website also sees a surge in traffic when you become a seller on Walmart Marketplace.

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This article highlights the key takeaways from Jungle Scout's State of Walmart Sellers.

Characteristics and strategies of Walmart Sellers

After a successful application to sell on the Walmart Marketplace, Walmart invites the incoming sellers to set up Marketplace accounts in three categories. These categories are:

  • First Party Seller(1P)- Seller sells a product in bulk to Walmart, which lists the products under them, taking over the pricing, marketing, and product fulfillment.
  • Third-party Seller(3P) sells the product to Walmart but retains control over marketing, product pricing, and product fulfillment. However, the seller may use Walmart Fulfillment Forms or other third-party fulfillment centers.
  •  Dropship Vendor(DSV)- Seller sells the product to Walmart at wholesale prices but not necessarily in bulk. The product is listed under Walmart, controlling the pricing, marketing, and product listing. The DSV sellers handle inventory storage and product fulfillment.

According to Jungle Scout, 29% of Walmart Sellers are first-party sellers, 79% are third parties, and 8% use both 1P and 3P accounts.

eCommerce Portfolios of Walmart Sellers

Walmart sellers have mastered using omnichannel to boost their online sales, and some of them have a traditional brick-and-mortar stores. Data collected by Jungle Scout indicate that 97% of sellers on Walmart also have listings on other ecommerce sites such as Amazon, Etsy, Alibaba, and eBay.
Here's is a list of alternative platforms for Walmart Marketplace sellers by size:

  •  Amazon-95%
  •  eBay-50%
  •  Shopify-28%
  •  Facebook Marketplace-25%
  •  Etsy-24%
  •  Alibaba-18%
  • WordPress-12%
  • Instagram-9%
  • Craigslist-8%
  • Poshmark-8%

Other platforms where these sellers list their products include Target, Wayfair, Instacart, and Bigcommerce.

Walmart Marketplace sellers have a diverse marketing strategy. Some of their marketing methods include:

  • Content marketing on the e-commerce platforms
  •  Facebook ads
  •  Instagram ads
  •  TikTok ads

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