The Perfect Cold Email Sample to Outreach Amazon Sellers

By Alex Berresford

I want to share the perfect cold email template with you. 

It helps you connect with any executive or business owners who have never heard of you. 

Before I start, you must have a few email fundamentals covered:

DON’T use a subject line that looks like a headline. 

Think about the kind of subject line you would send to a friend. 

Remember your prospect wants a few things from you and you should give them what they want. 

  1. They want to be spoken to personally. They need to know that you know who they are. 

  1. They want their time to be respected. They will give you a max of 5 seconds to get their attention. 

  1. They want to know what to do next. They have priorities, task lists, other things to get to today. If you don’t clearly indicate how they can move forward, they won’t do anything at all. 

At the end of the day, no one wants to be sold. 

We want to open our email and see a message that feels like an old high school friend reconnecting after a long time. 

Want the email template? just ping me and I’ll send it to you.