The Success Story of Amazon's Top 15,000 Sellers Powering 50% of the 3P Sales

By Elliot Brindel


Do 15,000 US sellers rack up over 100,000 orders annually on Amazon? 

And could they actually drive almost half of its total 3P sales?

The answer to both these questions is yes.

In a world where truth often pales in comparison to fiction, this here is an exception.

This group of 15,000 from the Amazon seller list is generating over 100,000 orders just in the US - driving half of the platform’s billion-dollar revenue.

Crunching the Figures: The 2022 Sales Snapshot.

Let’s get down to the specifics.

According to, one of the leading Marketplace insight blogs, 15,000 US sellers scored a minimum of 100,000+ orders in 2022 alone, out of which 30,000 had 50,000+ orders.  

Here’s a quick table for you to see the annual order breakdown per number of sellers:

Number of Amazon Sellers

Number of Annual Orders











Most of these top-performing Amazon sellers have been on the platform for 5+ years only. Despite the major hurdles - growing competition and crazy-high fees - they managed to win. 

The Amazon marketplace thrives in its duality – a bustling arena where new sellers pour in daily, while others meticulously craft thriving businesses. 

This is where we see the power-law distribution in action. 

While millions of sellers populate Amazon's platform, a consistent pattern emerges across all marketplaces. Only a select few hold the reins. 

Out of a sizable chunk of 240,000 sellers, only 15,000 surpassed the milestone of 100,000 orders, highlighting a distinct contrast. Collectively they're contributing to almost half of the Amazon seller US sales - surpassing a billion orders in 2022.


This post is a testament to the fact that within the chaotic ecosystem of Amazon, there’s hidden potential for suppliers just like you. And if you want to get the best out of this platform, you need to get access to the top performers. 

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Here's to embracing new opportunities for success on the platform, and to the journey ahead filled with incredible growth.