Understand ROI on direct outreach campaigns

By Elliot Brindel

If you are like me or any rational sales or marketing professional, the question "How many new clients/users/leads can I expect from my campaign?" is probably the first that comes to your mind before dedicating your time and money to an outreach campaign.

The good news is, after spending the past 2 years collecting feedback from more than 250 customers, I was able to gather some data on direct email outreach and how companies calculate it. I've found what does and doesn't work best.

I've built a very simple framework to understand direct outreach, like this one:


Of course, things can more complex when you run multi-channel campaigns on the same audience (B2B Ads, Linkedin Outreach, etc...). Plus, an outreach campaign can also be effective for general awareness rather than direct sales. In that case, there are fewer direct ways to calculate ROI. 

 Nevertheless, we have seen that some immediate prospect next steps actions work best than others: 

  • Webinar/Event Invite
  • Consultation calls on very well defined prospect problems
  • Exclusive perk offer (when the perk is actually exclusive, and not just made up)

Our clients that get the best results also have: 

  • A well-designed website
  • Some kind of existing social proof (whether it's on the news, client feedbacks, LinkedIn connections, etc...)
  • A great offer :) 

I hope this was insightful. At SellerDirectories.com, we provide highly targeted lists of eCommerce sellers as well as outreach services. Feel free to drop an email if you want to chat about it. 

Enjoy Prospecting!