Top 5 CRM Providers For Managing Amazon Sellers Lists

By Elliot Brindel


A comprehensive list of Amazon Sellers is the first thing you need for an effective prospect outreach program targeted at selling your solutions to Amazon sellers. You then need to manage them effectively for optimal results once you have that list. 

The fact that the CRM market is projected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of13.9% from 2023 to 2030 shows that with you’re sure to reach your target prospects with the right Amazon Sellers list. 

Now, you already know that a good CRM provides a centralized and organized way to track and manage contacts, automate repetitive tasks, and analyze the results of email campaigns. The reality is numerous service providers are telling you they’ll do the same things in probably different fancy words or formats. 

One more thing.

Getting a list of Amazon sellers in an Excel sheet is one thing. Having that list in a format that can be processed into CRM software — if you want to manage your Amazon sellers properly — is another

That’s why we’ll discuss our top 5 recommendations in this blog post. 

But first: 


Why Should You Manage Your Amazon Sellers List With CRM Software 

You should manage your Amazon sellers list with CRM software for the following reasons:


1. To Build Stronger Relationships With Your Amazon Sellers 

You need to connect and communicate effectively with Amazon sellers for effective outreach programs. By building a solid relationship with them, you’re establishing trust and rapport, which not only helps you understand their needs and goals but also helps you come across as one who does.

Doing this represents one of the founding principles of Amazon. Jeff Bezos states, "The most important single thing is to focus obsessively on the customer." 


2. To Increase the Efficiency of Your Email Outreach Program 

An efficient email outreach effort will help you save time and resources, reach more Amazon sellers, and ultimately achieve better results. The right CRM software will make this a reality, providing you with the tools to manage your Amazon sellers list, personalize your outreach efforts, and track your campaign success.


3. To Maintain a Centralized Amazon Seller Database 

Imagine being able to analyze and observe trends and patterns in your Amazon seller list while also automating your repetitive tasks, all in a single location that multiple layers of security measures can protect. CRM software can make this possible by providing you with an avenue for teams to work together, thus improving the overall effectiveness of your prospect outreach program. 


4. To Segment Your List of Amazon Sellers

Targeting a specific group of sellers, tailoring your message to fit them, and tracking the results of your efforts by segments can increase the success rate of your prospect outreach program.

But that list is long, and prospect outreach is one of many things you have on your plate. So, how do you go around it? 

Yeah! You guessed it! 

An exceptional CRM provider, particularly adept at managing Amazon seller information, would do the trick. 


5. To Maintain Strategic Communications

A survey by HubSpot shows that 13% of marketers believe improving the sales marketing alignment is one of the top problems they’ll encounter in 2023. The same probably applies to you if you have multiple team members working on your prospect outreach campaign because you want to reach a more significant amount of Amazon sellers. 

In that case, it is crucial that everyone is on the same page and have their sights set on the same goals. You also want to be able to share ideas, provide support, and tackle problems as they arrive. 

A good CRM software facilitates all these. 


Our Top 5 CRM Software Recommendations for Managing Your Amazon Sellers Database  

Here are our top 5 CRM software recommendations to guarantee you the benefits outlined above and more. 


1. Salesforce 

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM software that gives you access to your Amazon seller directory via the web without having to worry about the technical aspects of management. Consequently, you can easily set up your prospect outreach program for a minimal monthly cost. 

Firstly, when you get your Amazon seller directory from a provider like Seller Directories, you can feed this data directly into your organization through Salesforce’s integration functionality and go on from there. 

The software facilitates cross-team collaboration to help you reach your organizational bottom line faster. Your marketing team can launch and track marketing campaigns targeted at your Amazon seller database. The same applies to the sales and customer support teams. 

As the manager, however, you can leverage Salesforce’s visual dashboard and broad reporting features to get a bird’s eye view of the entire outreach. At the same time, you can integrate with any other organizational system without a fuss.

And, Yes, It is too good; but it is also true. 

That’s why the software is the leader in the CRM marketplace, accounting for 16.8% of the entire market. 

However, despite its numerous extraordinary features, Salesforce CRM might be a bit overkill if you’re running a small business. It can also be challenging to set up and is not the cheapest in the CRM market. On top of that, you have to pay the subscription upfront for a year. Nonetheless, it is easily scalable, so you wouldn’t have significant issues as you expand. 


2. HubSpot CRM

Do you have a mid-sized team and limited resources for your outreach to Amazon seller prospects? 

HubSpot CRM might be the software for you if you answered yes. 

Here’s why: 

The software provider has a free plan with enough functionalities to help you manage Amazon seller contacts, identify quality leads, and automate your prospect outreach campaign efforts. You also get an intuitive and customizable dashboard that gives you a real-time view of the whole process.

As your team and budget increase, you can access more functionalities by opting for paid plans. HubSpot CRM has three paid tiers: Starter, Professional, and Enterprise. The free plan gives you access to register one team with unlimited users and the ability to manage up to a million contacts alongside numerous side features like limited calls, communication templates, and snippets, amongst others. The other paid tiers give you an increased amount of these features.


3. Monday

Selling your solutions to Amazon sellers can get easy with Monday sales CRM software. 

As you already know, the sales process encompasses other smaller tasks like constant communication, data management, meeting scheduling, follow-up, invoicing, and payment processing, amongst others. Monday CRM software knows, too, and has numerous functionalities that make it all a walk in the park for you from the moment you import your list of Amazon sellers. 

Everything is automated. It utilizes simple “if-then” statements requiring no coding experience. So, the integrations and automation features allow you to program tasks to be done after completing another task. 

Nothing can slip by you. 

And it's not just on the Monday platform; You can integrate with other platforms like Slack, mail, or any other in-house platforms. It also has a template center that covers all the stages of your prospect outreach program to your desired Amazon sellers. 

Like most sales and CRM platforms, Monday CRM has different plans with different prices depending on your team size and the functionalities you aim to enjoy. Starting from the free plan, which allows two users, to the enterprise plan, which comes with features tailored to your specific organizational needs, you’re sure to find something that’ll make your prospect outreach program successful on


4. Zoho CRM

Looking for an accessible means to track leads and manage Amazon seller contacts?  Meet Zoho CRM – an entry-level CRM platform. 

Yes, their paid plans grant you access to more sophisticated functionalities. Nonetheless, all the plans allow you to create a contact list of Amazon sellers, generate new leads, customize the platform to suit your organization, and automate your workflow. 

That’s not all.

You’ll be greeted with a clean and super-intuitive interface that makes your prospect outreach a smooth experience. On top of that, you can follow your outreach program on your mobile device using the mobile app, which also allows you to reach out to these Amazon sellers via phone. 

Furthermore, everything is automated. When you get new Amazon sellers' contacts— and you will because thousands of sellers are joining the Amazon Marketplace every day —you can immediately add them to the existing database.

And, No! Doing this won’t disrupt the entire process due to its lead-scoring functionality that automatically tags these contacts and send them to the appropriate teams. Although the free plan has limited functionalities, the paid plans have competitive prices, and you can upgrade according to your budget and needs.


5. Pipedrive

Pipedrive will help you reach out to the Amazon sellers you aim to sell your solutions. It’ll also assist with the entire marketing and sales process until those sellers become long-standing customers. The software is smart enough to visualize the sales process from start to finish. As a result, the probability of second-guessing during the sales process is very slim. 

The best part is that the plans come at a relatively low price compared to most options in the market. Pipedrive CRM streamlines sales processes and saves time on prospect outreach tasks like B2B data enrichment. It is a fully functional CRM software whose functionalities can be extended with third-party apps.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Individuals looking to manage their Amazon sellers list with CRM software often ask the following questions.


How can I track the performance of my outreach program using CRM software?

You can track the performance of your outreach program CRM software in the following steps:

  • Design systems that log and categorize all interactions with your prospects — in this case, your target Amazon sellers. 
  • Use and set metrics and KPIs relevant to your outreach program. These KPIs could include response rates, conversion rates, or any other ROI on direct outreach campaigns. According to Jordan DiPietro, HubSpot’s VP, choosing a KPI most aligned with your business’s overarching objectives is vital.
  • Monitor the progress of the outreach using these metrics.
  • Leverage your CRM software's analytics and reporting features to generate regular reports.
  • Automate the process and evaluate continuously based on the metrics and performances.


How Can CRM Software Help Me Reach Out to Amazon Sellers?

CRM software can help you reach out to Amazon sellers in numerous ways. Some of them include the following:

  • Organizing the relevant contact details on your Amazon vendors list
  • Measuring the progress of your outreach efforts with Amazon sellers
  • Identifying and targeting the right Amazon sellers
  • Creating and automating personalized email campaigns.


How does CRM software Help Segment Amazon Seller Information?

The right CRM software can categorize Amazon sellers into segments by collecting and organizing data around their interactions and transactions.


In Closing 

So, are you tilting towards a choice yet?  Because you should, as any of the choices above can give you a head start toward achieving your Amazon prospect outreach goals so long you’re working with an authentic list of Amazon sellers. 

That’s right. 

Your efforts might be futile irrespective of your choice of CRM if you’re reaching out to Amazon sellers that don't meet your client criteria or an outdated or wrong contact

That’s why you should tap into this verified list of human-verified Amazon US sellers directory, never to be worried about being short of leads again. Process it into any CRM software discussed above, and your prospect outreach program is off to a flying start!